Hey hey hey! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe winter break is officially over and classes have started back up. I wanted to share a funny first day of school reality update with all of you! I’ve always dressed up on my first day of classes and entering my last semester of collage, I expected no less…but six online classes said otherwise (hahahaha :,-))! This is my first (and thankfully last) time taking 6 classes, 18 credit hours, and on the first day, I felt so overwhelmed I just wanted to stay extra comfortable (aka no makeup & an oversized hoodie).

What I was hoping to wear, was one of my favorite pink and yellow striped tops from J.Crew. I always love dressing up on the first day of class. I love shirts like this that are comfortable since; I’m a big believer if you wear something you are comfortable in, more likely you are going to feel confident in it. Of course, my Sperry Penny Loafers just scream back to school and are perfect for the occasion. I know with my upcoming Zoom class meetings I’ll be wearing more cute back to school outfits, so stay tuned!

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LUV YA , Kelly