Hi everyone, happy Friday! Oh my gosh, I have completed my first week of blogging, and it’s been nothing but fun! Thank you so much for following along and reading my blog posts- you rock!! Today I want to share my outfits from this week. You can also watch it on my YouTube channel to see a closer look at all of my accessories. I tried my best to have a pink and green theme for my outfits this week…but I couldn’t wait any longer and had to style my new cowgirl boots! Some of these pieces are not available anymore but I will try my best to find similar items for ya incase you want to shop and add some new pieces to your closet.

MONDAY’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt | Shorts | Sandals | Watch | Necklaces | Phone case

TUESDAY’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt | Skirt | Sandals | Watch | Bracelets | Phone case

WEDNESDAY’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress | Sandals | Bracelets | Phone case

THURSDAY’S OUTFIT DETAILS: TankTop | Jeans | Boots | Watch | Bracelet | Phone case

FRIDAY’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Tank Top | Shorts | Sandals | Watch | Bracelets | Phone case


Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! I’d love to know which outfit is your favorite, leave a comment and let’s chat! xoxo Kelly