Eeekksss, hello hello!!! I am so happy and excited to be back, gosh life gets crazy…I had the best weekend on our Winter weekend getaway that I couldn’t NOT share it!! 🙂 I mentioned in a video called my “Winter Bucket List” that I wanted to go on a Winter Weekend getaway. My boyfriend, John, booked and planned the whole trip (awww how sweet!!) it was so much fun and I can’t wait to share the detss!

On Friday night, after John was done working, we headed to Indianapolis Indiana, a short (but very fun) road trip. We listened to our favorite Road Trip Playlist on Spotify and chatted about all the fun Holiday plans we have ahead of us. Once we checked in to our hotel, I got dressed for dinner and we went to our FAVORITE restaurant, Nada. We ordered lots of yummy tacos, they are smaller street style Tacos, perfect for sharing. Along with chips and dip- sooo delicious. Nada is such a romantic and chill atmosphere, we always like to visit when we’re in Indy (Check out this VLOG).

Saturday we went out for Bruch and enjoyed pancakes, French toast, bacon and eggs (we’re such foodies:))! Then we decided to explore the city a little, even though it was FREEZING COLD haha! Since we didn’t have any plans for the afternoon we decided last minute to catch the matinee movie premiere of the new Spiderman….such a GOOD movie! Once the movie was over, it was dark outside aka perfect zoo light’s timing. John planned a zoo lights date on Saturday night that was so festive! Indianapolis Zoo has so many animals and the cutest Santa’s Village!

On Sunday we had to check out of our Hotel. John surprised me with tickets to see the new exhibit at Newfields Art Museum. Their new THE LUME Van Gogh exhibit was AWESOME and so exciting to see (sorry the art nerd in me is showing through haha)! We got lunch at Newfields before our ticket time. After exploring THE LUME we wondered around the art museum for a few hours, my secret guilty pleasure, and the Lily House. Before starting our road trip back home we stopped for dinner and watched Sunday night football….ya girl is still #1 in Fantasy Football (don’t ask me how, it was all luck haha)!

To sum it up, we both had the BEST Winter Weekend getaway :)!! I will definitely be adding this to my bucket list for next Winter, too. It put me in the Holiday spirt and was a nice relaxing trip during the rush of the Holidays. With that being said, I am wishing you all a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!! I am so happy to be back on my blog and have a lot of fun NEW content to share with you, get ready!! 

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog! Be sure to follow along so you can get notified when my next blog post goes live!

LUV YA , Kelly