Hello there! Oh my goodness, this outfit is soooo pink (and sooo me)!! I’m a huge believer if you like your workout outfit you are more likely to like and enjoy your workout. This pink set from Fabletics is perfect for my new favorite cardio workout- incline walking! I set a goal for September to go to the gym everyday. I set this goal to start getting back into the habit of working out everyday, and it’s been a game changer for me.

Since I’ve been working out so much this month, I’ve been wearing a lot of activewear. I was so excited when I got this months Fabletics set in the mail since it would be a new outfit to wear to the gym! This pink set is part of their sculpt-knit line (my all-time fav-I have them in black, too…that’s how much I love them). Matching my scrunchie to my outfit is just a fun way to accessorize any fitness outfit. I am looking forward to setting more fitness goals for myself this October.

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog! Be sure to follow along so you can get notified when my next blog post goes live.

LUV YA , Kelly

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