HAPPY TUESDAY FRIENDS!!! Hi-ya, I hope you have been having a wonderful week so far! I am so excited to share this adorbale new t-shirt I am wearing with y’all. But first, I can’t believe (technically) it’s Fall….how did the Summer fly by so quickly?!? I will say, I am looking forward to Fall Fashion, what’s your favorite thing about Fall? I love styling Fall outfits and transitioning my wardrobe!

This new t-shirt is so stinking cute!! Tassels and Confetti reached out to me over on Instagram and I was sooo excited! They have the most colorful stuff on their site….helllooooo confetti!! I love how soft this t-shirt is and def recommend you to check them out. Another exciting thing that I haven’t shared over here on my blog yet, are the newest products on my Etsy…handmade scrunchies! I will link them here if you want to check them out, they are all completely handmade by me and are 100% unique, no two are alike…so cue the confetti!!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog! Be sure to follow along so you can get notified when my next blog post goes live.

LUV YA , Kelly

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